The Dizzy Community

In mid 2001 myself, Andrew Joseph, Max Ireson and Peter Teal came up with the concept of a community that would take part in creating and sharing various Dizzy related media and reaching out and involving other Dizzy fan sites including foreign Dizzy fan sites. This was the birth of what would later be called The Dizzy Community. became the main hub for the community hosting the new Dizzy Community Forums with sections for each of the community sites, and a webring (now defunct) was created to make it easier to visit each of the many Dizzy fan sites that were around at the time.

Of the early founding members who also became involved there was Adam Harris, Adam Markey, Alex Smith, Lee Bolton, Max Maslen, Phil Ruston, Ryan Lander, Ryan Medlock, Sam Partington, Steve Robb, and Tommy Pereira.

After the community made contact with Codemasters and the Oliver Twins they took interest and offered their support and further media to add to the fan sites and competition prizes (and also a list of regulations to follow by including the removal of official game files and ROMs and links to them from the fan sites.) The Dizzy Community was given permission by Codemasters to continue to create and host fan-made Dizzy games, with the exception of 3D Dizzy games, and so began a wave of new fan-made Dizzy games from around the globe.

As of this date (18th March 2014) there are 1,200 members registered with The Dizzy Community and over 2,100 people offered their support in bringing back Dizzy to modern gaming. Although the majority of English Dizzy fan sites closed down or became deprecated the community based itself primarily at which has been branded as The Official Dizzy Fansite with close connections with The Oliver Twins. has also achieved close to 2.5 million hits since its redesign in 2007, and there's an estimated 190 fan-made Dizzy games and trailers hosted there from around the globe.