Unofficial Games

Before the Dizzy Community was founded there were a small number of fan-made Russian Dizzy games made for the Spectrum. Since then there has been many fan-made Dizzy games, originally starting out using The Games Factory but now the majority of fan made games use DizzyAGE. You can find an eggstensive list of fan made Dizzy games (and instructions and various other useful bits 'n' bobs on how to create your own!) at plus unofficial ports of the official games to various platforms.

Author: Tommy Pereira
Original Release: 07/2002
Platforms: Spectrum

This is like the game demos that came with game magazines to promote games and give credit to game and fellow magazine producers, friends and family.

Author: Melanie Hoyle
Original Release: 2002
Platforms: PC Windows

This was to be a game using modified graphics from the Sega version of Fantastic Dizzy and hand-drawn graphics using The Games Factory. The concept was to be a world similar to the first level in Crystal Kingdom Dizzy but my lack of understanding how to use TGF meant I couldn't create the game so only a teaser was produced.