Let's Go Dizzy!

Let's Go Dizzy! is a Kickstarter project for the new book The Story of the Oliver Twins by Fusion Retro Books which will contain memoirs dating back from The Oliver Twins' programming days all the way through to them starting Blitz Games Studios, including those who worked with The Oliver Twins over the years in creating and converting their games. The book is said to also contain community maps from Yolkfolk.com and a contributing feature on The Dizzy Community.

Pledgers to the project will receive a variety of goodies involving a copy of the book, grey and white versions of a sealed Wonderland Dizzy boxed NES game, a Wonderland Dizzy mug, a signed Wonderland Dizzy mouse mat, a signed poster, a signed postcard, a signed bannerstand, an invitation to Radiant Worlds, and an evening meal/overnight stay at a hotel in Leamington Spa (rewards vary on amount pledged.)

The project aims for a pledge of £20,000 and will end on 25th November 2015. Already the pledge has met nearly £16,500.