Bring Back Dizzy Petition

The Bring Back Dizzy Petition was started in 2002 by Tommy Pereira after countless email responses from Codemasters stating they had no intention of releasing any new Dizzy games.

The petition achieved over 2,100 signatures and is viewable at, however the petition has ended and is no longer receiving any more signatures.

Eventually in late 2011 a reboot of Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk was made for the Android and iOS devices. Further plans for a new Dizzy adventure game using Kickstart were also revealed in mid-2012 by The Oliver Twins, which unfortunately didn't take off due to the excess funds needed to produce and publish a new Dizzy game.

Future Dizzy games and reboots are said to most likely never happen due to issues over who owns the rights to the Dizzy logo and characters since so many people were involved in the production of the original Dizzy game series and each has a claim to their own contribution. This is sad news to the community and also to The Oliver Twins as they would love to make another new official Dizzy adventure and the Kickstart project would've been their chance had it not been such a high expectation for such a small community where very few still remember the good old games.