Special Thanks

My thanks go to Adam Harris, Adam Markey, Alex Smith, Andrew Joseph, AndyUK, Bemberg, Colin Page, Dave Bulmer, George Sweeney, Jamie Allonby, Jim Waterman, Krzysiobal, Lee Bolton, Malc Jennings, Max Ireson, Max Maslen, Michael's Retro Game Reviews, Patrick Furlong, Peter Teal, Phillip Ireson, Phil Ruston, Ryan Lander, Ryan Medlock, Sam Partington, Sam Walker, Sirion, Steve Robb, "The Toolman", and Tommy Pereira for all the years of hard work and contributions that have been put into the creation of the Dizzy Community, and I'd like to thank Tommy Pereira and Zsolt Trencsenyi for the making of The Dizzy Zone Mini-Mini Demo.

I'd also like to thank the many fans that have been collaberating over the past 12 years for their creativity and contributions in fan-made Dizzy games, music remixes, and other fan-made projects and in keeping The Dizzy Community active.

My most special thanks go to The Oliver Twins for their creation of Dizzy and their continued support to The Dizzy Community, and also to the head staff at Codemasters for the production and distribution of Dizzy games during 1987-2011 and their permission for Dizzy fans to create The Dizzy Community and fan-made Dizzy games.

Also a big special thanks to Denine for the conversion of Dreamworld Pogie and to Ɓukasz Kur for the fixing and conversion of Wonderland Dizzy which had been lost for nearly 20 years and has now been made playable for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you everyone.