Who Is Dizzy?

Dizzy first made his appearance in June 1987 to the Amstrad and Commodore computer games systems. The idea was designed by the Oliver Twins working for Codemasters at the time sketching an idea for a new and simple looking cartoon character with a large face that players could relate to, based in a world created from fantasy and fairy tales. His egg shape and red boxing gloves was purely accidental and easy to rotate, and for added touch was given a bouncing movement to grab the players' attention and to avoid him blending into backgrounds. His name (according to the video recording Let's Play Dizzy by The Oliver Twins) was inspired after Dizzy's rolling animation.

The Yolkfolk were a later introduction mentioned on the inlay for the 2nd adventure game Treasure Island Dizzy and then made their first appearance in the 3rd adventure game Fantasy World Dizzy. The idea of creating a village of Yolkfolk people was inspired by The Smurfs.







Grand Dizzy